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• 2/17/2014

This is what I want to know.

Why anyone else try make an attempt recover the Kee Bird?
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• 1/12/2015

one of the flight control mechanisms caught fire in the tail when they were about to take off, thus destroying it.

• 7/18/2016

No, not a "flight control mechanism". It was the temporary Auxiliary Power Unit that fell from the attachment braking a fuel hose while taxying on the very rough ground.

• 7/19/2017

I wish someone could go convince Boeing to "get" Kee bird now that Docs up and flying. They would have a real chance to do justice to the story and everyone involved to get her fixed, I mean they were both BW-B29s, and they have all the tooling from Doc, why not give it a go? Boeing is litterally made of money considering the amount of defense work they do.

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