B-29 (44-61739)

44-61739 (cn 11216)

Serial #:
B-29A-45 BN Boeing-Renton
Current Location
Warner-Robins Museum

Assigned: 1953 ARCS / 1300 Training Group / 1302 Training Sqd - (Great Falls AFB)
Mechanical Failure (class 2): 5 June 1953 - Blowing Rock (4 miles S of), North Carolina)
(Pilot: Lt John R Diepenbrock)
Assigned: Aberdeen Proving Grounds
Tail used in restoration of NEAM's B-29A 44-61975
  • Very interesting find in the aircraft storage area at Warner-Robins Museum the in late 1988. This B-29A-45BN Superfortress nose has clearly suffered from neglect over the years.


  • nose section only.

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