B-29 (Fifi) 44-62070

44-62070 (7)

Serial #:
44-62070 c/n 11547
B-29A-60-BN Boeing-Renton
Current Location
(Based at)American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum, Midland, TX
Operated By
Civil Registration:
N4249,-N529B, Aug. 1981

Name not original to the aircraft.

  • First B-29 recovered from China Lake.
  • Flown out after 9 weeks of maintenance on August 3, 1971.
  • FAA certified on September 25, 1974.

Restored and flyable. Major overhaul in 1991 at Boeing in Seattle.

  • Gun turrets are empty casings.
  • Tail code was never carried by any B-29 unit.
  • The large A in a black square is in honor of Vic Agather

who spearheaded the effort to get the aircraft from China Lake.

  • Modern avionics installed.
  • Major restoration in 2005.
  • Aircraft grounded awaiting funding for engine overhaul / modification as of Nov 2007.thumb|right|300px

Returned to flying in 2010.


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