• BW-Boeing-Wichita
    44-69729 (1)
  • 44-69729 B-29-60 BW c/n 10561
  • Aircraft was a crew rotational B-29 and never carried a name.
  • Flew 36 missions with the 73rd BW, 498th BG, 875th BS out of Isley Field, Saipan, carrying the tail code "T-54."
  • Eventually modified as a re-fueler and served in Europe, during the Korean War era.
  • Sent to Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, California in 1956 for use as a test target.
  • Recovered from NAWS China Lake in 1986 by the Lowry Heritage Museum .
  • Restored and displayed at the Lowry Heritage Museum (LHM), Lowry AFB, Colorado, October 1987.
  • Obtained by the Museum of Flight (MOF), Seattle, Washington, 1995, from Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum (formerly LHM) when Lowry AFB closed in September 1994.
  • Restored to Static Condition 2006-2010.
  • Currently shrink wrapped & stored outside in front of the museum, until sufficient space can be made to allow the aircraft to be displayed indoors.


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