MO Martin-Omaha

44-27343 B-29-40-MO TINKER HERITAGE Tinker AFB Air Park, Oklahoma.

44-27343 B-29-40-MO

  • Allocated to various Reconnaissance Weather Sqadrons, Including the 513th RWS at Tinker AFB in 1950.
  • Transferred to the 57th Strategic Reconniassance Weather Squadron at Hickam AFB in Hawaii.
  • Used in support of Atomic Bomb tests.
  • Sent to Aberdeen Provings Grounds, Maryland in 1955 for use as a target for weapons testing.
  • Recovered from Aberdeen in 1985.
  • Restored to Static Display Condition.
  • On outdoor display at the Charles B. Hall Air Park at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma without any gun turrets installed.


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