• Built by Westland at Yeovil.

    Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk-VC AR501

  • Delivered to 310 Squadron at Exeter in July 1942, Coded NN-A. Flown by Squadron Leader Frantisek Dolezal DFC.
  • Damaged in March 1943 when hit by a de Havilland Mosquito which swung on take off.
  • After repair, passed through 33 MU, 3501 SU and 504 Squadron.
  • Later served with 504 Squadron.
  • Also flew with 442 Squadron, 58 OTU, 1 TEU, 61 OTU and Central Gunnery School.
  • Delivered to Department of Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough College in 1946.
  • Moved to Shuttleworth Collection in 1961.[1]
  • Rebuilt to airworthy standard at Duxford between 1973-1975.
  • First flight after rebuild Duxford - June 27 1975.
  • Currently under restoration.


  1. Caygill, Peter. Combat Legend Spitfire Mks I-V. Airlife Books.

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