Spitfire AR213 in Flight at Kemble 2010[1]

All information from Spitfire the History except where noted.[2]

  • Built by Westland Aircraft under contract No B124305/40.
  • Sent to 12MU 24 July 1941.
  • Transferred to 57 OTU and coded JZ-E[3] 31 July 1941.
  • Category AC flying accident 19 April 1943
  • Struck off charge 30 August 1945
  • Sold to Allen Wheeler 10 March 1947
  • Refurbished for use in Battle of Britain film 1967[3]
  • Sold to Patrick Lindsay 1978
  • Passed to Victor Gauntlet 1986 after death on Patrick Lindsay[3]
  • Used for LWT miniseries Piece of Cake 1988[4]
  • Based at Booker[4]
  • Sold to Spitfire The One Ltd and based at Duxford 2011 .


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