• Delivered to 9MU June 21 1944.
  • Assigned to South East Asia Command and dispatched from Glasgow Docks to Bombay aboard SS Turkestan July 28.
  • Assigned to 17 Squadron at Vavuyina, Celyon as YB-J September.
    • Regularly flown by Flt Lt Donald Healy of B flight on escort and ground support missions.
  • 17 Squadron withdrawn to re-equip with Spitfire XIVs June 18 1945 - MT719 delayed by carbburettor problems.
  • Taken on charge by Indian air Force 1947.
  • Bought by Wensley Haydon-Baille at indian Ministry of Defence sale 1977.
  • Sold to Turin based collector Franco Actis 1980.
  • Post restoration flight 1982.
  • Sold to Cavanaugh Museum and transported to Texas early 1990s.[1]


  1. The Real Warbirds supplement to Aeroplane Magazine June 2005


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