TE311 in flight, wearing the codes of 74 Squadron[1]


  • 1967 - Transferred from Tangmere to Harrow for static display in film 'Battle of Britain'.[2]
  • 1968
    • August 11th - Returned to RAF.
    • September - Became gate guardian at RAF Benson.[N 1]
  • Pre 1977 - Added to RAF Exhibition flight after departure of SM411 to Poland.
  • 1998
    • May - Used for Exhibition Flight duties at IWM Duxford.[N 2]
  • 1999 - Acquired by BBMF , along with TB382, as spares source.
  • 2012
    • October 19th - Post restoration flight in the hands of Sqd Ldr Ian Smith.
    • December 13th/14th - Used for photo sorties for Aeroplane Monthly Magazine.[2]



  1. TE311 remained there until at least July 1971, when it was photographed by Peter Arnold.[2]
  2. On this occasion the aircraft was carrying spurious serial number MK178,[2] which belongs to a Mk IX sold to Turkey in 1947.[3]


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